One of our long-term goals is to support our talented early career researchers and promote highly innovative work that is not already funded by conventional grant funding. Research projects must be within the Centre’s Research Themes (Physics and Engineering, Interventional Engineering, Computer Science and Chemistry) and/or Clinical Challenges (Cardiovascular, Neurology & Psychiatric Disorders and Cancer).

To date we have run:

New Postdoc Fellowships to support our best finishing PhD students with 1 year of salary and some funds for consumables with the aim of gaining postdoctoral research experience and preliminary data to apply for external fellowships. 7 Fellowships to date.

Scan Awards to provide support for early career researchers who need preliminary data to support fellowship applications or to cover access costs if they can’t be/ haven’t been written into a proposal. 28 projects funded to date.

Pump-priming to encourage collaboration, future funding, and routes to commercialisation. 4 projects to date.

Postdoctoral Fellowships to support highly-talented early career researchers to allow them to pursue their own research schemes and obtain independent funding. 9 Fellowships awarded to date.