Commercialisation at the CME

We are working with the Head of Strategic Partnerships, IP team and Commercialisation Institute at King’s to commercialise our research.  We will guide you along the translation pipeline, make introductions to key opinion leaders, and prepare researchers and academics for the next stage along the translational pipeline whether it is pitching to a venture capitalist or licensing your technology. If you are looking for a soft landing, look no further as we have established a great network with places like TU Dresden and University of British Columbia, and if you are interested in somewhere else, let us know and we will facilitate. We work with any King’s researchers, staff, and alumni as well as, external SMEs (such as Perspectum Diagnostics and Innersight) and multinational companies (GSK, Siemens, NVIDIA, etc.) to create collaborations and drive innovation.

A joint venture with KHP will be announced in the coming months, and this means a one stop shop for commercialisation and innovation. The JV will see researchers collaborating with clinicians and companies, with a unified backing from KHP to streamline and speed up the time it takes to get a contract in place and commercialising final products. Additionally, an ecosystem will be created where projects within the JV have the opportunity to be supported by a community of experts in IP, business, and regulations to name a few.  We are also supporting business development activity and to date are supporting 2 projects Zr89 kit GMP manufacture and the Hypervision intraoperative hyperspectral imaging system.

Stay tuned for further information, and please keep us in mind when you have any questions around commercialising your ideas.