Since the Centre was established, the CME Public Engagement team have organised a variety of public engagement training for staff & students.

Training is open to all staff (research, clinical, professional services) and post-graduate students across the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences and the Department of Neuroimaging, IoPPN, at King’s College London.

Sessions included:

  • Introduction to Public Engagement
    Led by the CME PE team, this session is for those who are new to public and patient engagement in research. It covers the basics of public engagement i.e., what it is, why it is important, the benefits to you/your research and the public, whilst providing inspiration and signposting to available support/resources.
  • Public Engagement Masterclass
    This session is for those who have more experience of delivering public & patient engagement activities. It will provide time, tools and knowledge to enhance and enrich your engagement practice and explore this within your own research context (face-to-face/online engagement examples).
  • Community Engagement
    Led by the CME PE team, this session is an introduction to Community Engagement. It will cover the key principles of what community engagement with research is (and how it is different from public engagement!); why we should do it; how we identify communities to work with and how community engagement can be used as a method to impact health inequalities in research with different communities.
  • Public Engagement: Evaluation & Impact
    This training session provides essential guidance on how to effectively evaluate your public engagement activities to demonstrate impact.  This is an online interactive workshop that aims to help staff and students build their skills and confidence in embedding evaluation into their public engagement practice.

We also provide training prior to large engagement events including:

  • Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
  • New Scientist Live
  • Great Exhibition Road Festival