New Postdoc (Finishing PhD) Fellowship Enablers


To support outstanding PhD students who are about to complete their studentship with funding for up to a year’s salary plus consumables to enable you to obtain data and experience to use towards a fellowship application in the future.



Hannah Greenwood, ‘Imaging radiation response and resistance in lung cancer with [18F]FSPG positron emission tomography’

George Keeling, ‘Do nanoparticulate environmental pollutants enter the brain when inhaled nasally? A potential answer from SPECT and PET in humans’

Emil Ljunberg, ‘Silent, Motion Insensitive, Neuroimaging with Self-Navigated Zero TE MRI’

Cian Scannell, ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled quantitative cardiac magnetic resonance in the clinic’

Daniel West, ‘High-resolution motion corrected quantitative brain imaging’


Camila Munoz, ‘Synergistic Motion-corrected PET-MR Reconstruction for Cardiac Sarcoidosis Diagnosis’

Ed Waters, ‘Novel biomarkers for non-invasive in vivo imaging of REDOX with PET’