Past Events

REWIRED 2018: The Brain, Art and Innovation

Thursday 25 October 2018

Ondaatje Theatre
Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
SW7 2AR London

Website: See Eventbrite for info and tickets

Professor Steve Williams will be taking part in this public and patient engagement event, with his talk: Imaging the Brain – Drumming up a Connection
Presenting an evening at the intersection of art and science!
Rewired features leading neuroscience researchers, artists, patient-advocates, and tech innovators each with a story to tell from a unique perspective!


  • Neuroimaging and drumming
  • Disability and journalism
  • Cycle of diagnosis, lived experience and dance
  • Exploring natural treatments in clinic and poetry
  • Diverse representation and fashion
  • Designing for disability

NRM 2018, London – The XII International Symposium of Functional Neuroreceptor Mapping of the Living Brain

Monday 9 – Thursday 12 July

King’s College London,
Franklin-Wilkins Building,
Stamford Street,
London SE1 9NN


Follow us on Twitter: @_NRM18 

Our understanding of neuroreceptor function is largely based upon the study of isolated proteins in vitro. However,  brain neuroreceptors and molecular recognition sites should not only be studied in isolation in a test-tube.  They are part of a complex, dynamic and communicating environment that makes the living human brain  “the most sophisticated machine imaginable, or unimaginable.”  – Joseph LeDoux

Join us at this biennial meeting, dedicated to the study of neuroreceptors in the living human brain – ‘Mapping Neroreceptors at Work’. The scientific program of this meeting will be multidisciplinary and translational, with a focus on the latest research on the study of in vivo neurotransmission:

  • In vivo receptor-receptor interactions and interneuronal communication
  • In vivo normo/pathophysiology
  • In vivo / in vitro discrepancies in molecular recognition
  • Misfolded proteins in vivo
  • In vivo human pharmacology
  • Evaluation of new therapeutics in vivo



Hot Stuff at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Monday 2 – Sunday 8 July

Royal Society
6-9 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AG

Summer Science Exhibition Website

Visit the Hot Stuff stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (2-8 July 2018) and learn more about how radioactivity can improve clinical practice, provide precise diagnosis and deliver targeted medical treatment.

We have prepared a set of exciting activities and we look forward to sharing details about our research, as well as hear your thoughts on the role of radioactivity in healthcare and everyday life.

Check out the presentation video below, join our Twitter campaign by using #SummerScience #HotStuff and come to the Summer Science Exhibition to try the hands-on demos we have prepared for you!


CME Seminar Series

Thursday 29 March, 12-1pm

Nevin Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, East Wing, St Thomas’ Hospital
Live streamed to the Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Weston Education Centre, Denmark Hill

Join us to hear more about the research at the Centre for Medical Engineering.


  • Dr Julia Blower
  • Dr Pablo Lamata

Julia Blower: Julia leads Molecular Imaging within the Centre. She will present some upcoming CME projects.

Pablo Lamata: Pablo is a Research Fellow within the Biomedical Engineering Department. His research combines imaging and computational modeling to improve the management of cardiovascular disease.

CME Seminar Series

Thursday 22 February, 12-1pm

Large seminar room, 4th floor Lambeth Wing

Join us to hear more about the research that the Centre for Medical Engineering is supporting. This month’s seminar gives us a chance to hear from some of the Centre’s leads, who will outline our initiatives in Computer Science, Physics and Engineering, and Neurology.


  • Prof Julia Schnabel
  • Prof Jo Hajnal
  • Prof Steve Williams