Scan Charge Awards


To provide support for early career researchers who need preliminary data to support fellowship applications or to cover access costs not able to be funded by other means. 28 projects funded to date.



Francis Man, ‘PET imaging of activated platelets in cancer metastasis’
Peter Gawne, ‘Prostate Cancer-Targeted Liposome Tracking Using Positron Emission Tomography’
Alkystis Phinikaridou, ‘Detection of fibrosis in deep vein thrombosis using a T1rho MRI sequence’
Teresa Matias Correia, ‘Quantitative free-breathing first-pass myocardial perfusion MR’
Joanna Bartnicka, ‘PET imaging of prostate cancer with 64CuCl2’
Claudia Prieto Vasquez, ‘Multicontrast Whole-heart PET-MR Imaging for Heart Failure Risk Assessment’
Tom Eykyn/ Begona Lavin Plaza, ‘eNOS-/- mice fed with HFD develop a progressive non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which is partially reversible with antihypertensive and hypoglycemic therapy investigation at 9.4T & 3T’
Anastasia Polycarpou/ Samantha Terry, ‘PET imaging of complement activation in a murine model of heart inflammatory disease’
Salvatore Bongarzone, ‘In Vivo PET imaging of carbon-11 vitamin biotin’
Marios Politis, ‘Tracking myelin longitudinal changes in vivo with [18F]Florbetaben PET and MRI in patients with Multiple Sclerosis: 1-year Follow up’
Marta Varela, ‘Creation of 3D maps of atrial mechanics using high-resolution free-breathing CINE-CMR’
Colm McGinnity, ‘In vivo molecular mechanisms of memory impairment in human focal epilepsy (pilot study)’


Ayse Sila Dokumaci, ‘Cardiac MR Elastography using Simultaneous Multi Slice Imaging’
Azalea Khan, ‘PET tracking of neutrophil microvesicles in rheumatoid arthritis’
Enrico De Vita, ‘Motion Robust fetal metabolic profiling with MR Spectroscopy’
Gemma Modinos, ‘Mapping cortical GABA circuit disruption by advanced multimodal in vivo imaging’
George Keeling, ‘Novel Ga-68/67 Complexes Based on Tris(hydroxypyridinone) (THP) Conjugates for PET Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy’
Kuberan Pushparajah, ‘Maternal hyperoxygenation in diagnostic fetal imaging (FIMOx) for congenital heart disease (CHD)’
Madeleine Lafrate / Gilbert Fruhwirth, ’In vivo validation of a new non-immunogenic reporter for cell tracking in oncology’
Malene Fischer/ Sally Barrington, ‘Siderophores for Imaging Infection: A first-in-human pilot study using a tracer (68Ga-DFO) as proof of concept that siderophores can image bacterial infection in vascular grafts
Mattia Veronese/ Eugene Kim, ‘3OMG-CEST: MRI Imaging of Brain Glucose Transporters Easily Translatable into Humans’
Xenios Milidonis, ‘Development of a multi-compartmental synthetic myocardium for assessment and validation of quantitative first-pass perfusion MRI’
Rachael Morris, ‘EXERT: Exercise Physiology after Thrombosis. A single centre, prospective pilot study’
Salvatore Bongarzone, ‘Radiovitaminomics: Determining the in vivo trafficking of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) using PET imaging’
Samantha Terry / Tim Whitney / Michelle Ma, ‘Non-invasive imaging of macrophages in tumours using a novel Zr-89-labelled antibody,
Siti Nurbaya Yaakub, ‘Focal Cortical Dysplasia in Adults with Epilepsy at 7T’
Jonathan Shapey, ‘7T diffusion MRI of the facial-vestibulocochlear nerve complex’
Cath Williamson, ‘KHP R&D Challenge Fund award: Impact of cold exposure on metabolic regulation in children with NAFLD’


Fahad Al Salemee, Joanna Bartnicka, Cinzia Imberti, Kavitha Sunassee and Philip Blower; Untangling the link between cisplatin and copper trafficking with dual-isotope radionuclide imaging
Ana Baburamani, Mary Rutherford; Post-Mortem Brain Tissue Resource: Bridging the gap between MRI and Histology
Joanna J Bartnicka, Julia E Blower, Philip J Blower, Tamir Rashid; Improving diagnosis and monitoring response to chelation therapy in Wilson’s disease (WD) by 64Cu PET
Salvatore Bongarzone & Antonio Shegani; Radiovitaminomics: Determining the in vivo trafficking of Nicotinamide using PET imaging
David Carmichael, Shan-Shan Tang, Jon Cleary; Feasibility of 7T sodium MRI in epilepsy patients with SCN1A genetic abnormalities
George Firth; Studying metal trafficking in vivo in health and disease with PET imaging
George Keeling; Do nanoparticulate environmental pollutants enter the brain when inhaled nasally? A potential answer from SPECT and PET in humans
Gastao Lima da Cruz; Volume Suppressed High-resolution Quantitative MRI for Improved Pancreatic Cancer Assessment
Michelle Ma & Andrew Melbourne; Development of a radiotracer library for measuring abnormal placental function
Sohaib Nazir, Georgios Ntenas, Georges Mikhaeel, Sally Barrington; Detection of acute cardiac toxicity in patients undergoing cancer treatment for lymphoma using novel PET/MR imaging
Mary Rutherford; Biomarkers of Anti-Epileptic Drug Teratogenicity
Graeme Stasiuk & Thomas Eykyn; Monitoring of chemotherapeutics through smart dual 19F/1H MRI contrast agents in cancer