The MITHRaS (Next generation molecular imaging and therapy with radionuclides) project

Wednesday 11th November,2020

We are delighted to welcome Phil Blower, Paul Marsden and Andrew Reader together presenting a talk on “The MITHRaS Programme”


The aim of MITHRAS Programme is to make molecular imaging economic and accessible to patients by developing new, fast and easy-to-use chemistry for synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals in hospitals and centralised radiopharmacies. These innovations will empower emerging scanning technologies (notably Total Body PET and PET-MRI) and new therapeutic radionuclides to achieve the maximum impact on the management of patients with cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease and other diseases with high socioeconomic impact. Total Body PET in particular is a game-changing technology which will enable PET to generate major new insights into human biology and disease if supported by dedicated new tracer development and novel imaging physics and informatics. In this presentation we will outline how MITHRAS plans to develop these innovations in radiochemistry, biology and physics needed to realise this potential.


The programme has teams of researchers at King’s College London, Imperial College London and the University of Southampton, and is partnered with 16 additional industrial and academic institutions all working together to deliver new radiotracers to clinic. 



Phil Blower: Chemistry & Biology

Paul Marsden : Total body PET challenges

Andrew Reader: Deep learning reconstruction for multi-tracer imaging