IoPPN Research Festival 2021 ‘Across the Lifespan’

Tuesday 27th April, 2021

IoPPN Research Festival 2021‘Across the Lifespan’

Please join us on the 27 April 2021 to celebrate the innovative and exciting research taking place at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s.

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This year, the IoPPN Research Festival will be covering the theme ‘Across the Lifespan’.

With more than 20 five-minute talks on everything from the developing neonatel brains to the role of AI in dementia research, this online festival will also feature keynote talks by two world-class experts in their fields:

Professor Grainne McAlonan ‘Autism across all ages: What does a vulnerable brain look like? Can we shift biology?


Professor Terrie Moffitt ‘Surprises about psychopathology revealed by following 1000 people for four decades

This annual event is organised by the Research and Innovation Committee and this year, the IoPPN Research Festival will be covering the theme ‘Across the Lifespan’.

Speakers and talks at this event

14:00 Professor Ian Everall, Professor Mitul Mehta & Dr Paolo Deluca Welcome

14:20 Professor Grainne McAlonan Autism across all ages: What does a vulnerable brain look like? Can we shift biology?

14:40 Joyce Peters Why Diversity and Inclusion is a topic for everyone

14.45 Dr Tom McAdams Intergenerational Genetic Research: How it Has—and Will—Shed Light on the Causes of Psychopathology

14:50 Dr Lisa Nolan The impact of sex as a biological variable on the maintenance of auditory function across the lifespan

14:55 Professor John Marsden Cocaine Addiction: mental imagery and craving control

15.00 Dr Tatiana Salisbury Improving mental health: when expertise is not enough

15.05 Dr Matthew Grubb Getting nosey about brain repair

15.10 Dr Rali Dimitrova Characterising heterogeneity in the developing neonatal brain

15.15 Curie Kim 3-minute thesis finalist

15.20 Dr Katherine Young Anxiety and Depression during the COVID-19 pandemic

15.25 Chris Albertyn Dementia research in a digital age – the role of Artificial Intelligence

15.30 Dr Rina Dutta Data science to understand suicidality and self-harm in the digital age

15:35 Coffee Break (10 mins)

15:45 Professor Terrie Moffitt Surprises about psychopathology revealed by following 1000 people for four decades

16:05 Dr Louisa Codjoe TBC

16:10 Dr Rosalyn Moran Pushing Beliefs, Neuromodulators and Computational Psychiatry 

16:15 Dr Gemma Modinos Neurobiology of psychosis risk: From mechanistic to big data approaches

16:20 Professor Gerome Breen TBC

16:25 Dr Maria Serrano Navacerrada TBC

16:30 Dr Virginia Carter Leno Associations Between Theory of Mind and Conduct Problems in Autistic and Non-Autistic Youth

16:35 Dr Sam Cooke TBC

16:40 Lucy Chester 3-minute thesis finalist

16:45 Dr June Brown Offering Accessible Early Interventions for Depression and Anxiety across the lifespan

16:50 Dr Lauren Carson The eLIXIR Partnership

16:55 Dr Petra Proitsi Deciphering the role of blood metabolites in midlife cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease

17:00 Professor Matthew Hotopf Closing remarks

**times may be subject to change**

Organising committee members:

Paolo Deluca, Marija Magdalena Petrinovic, Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh, Robin Maginn, Annicka Ancliff and Josephine Mumford.