Does AI care?

How might AI look after patients, or affect the expertise and empathy of healthcare professionals?

Does AI Care? is an installation at Science Gallery London that explores the concept of ‘care’ and the use of AI applications through the eyes of young adults with experience of cancer. Visitors enter a hospital waiting room, then tune into a sound piece that combines young people’s reflections on the nature of AI, cancer and care. An accompanying textile installation merges visual representations of their multifaceted experiences of care with their personal medical images – realised as blueprints – and text generated by the group.

The exhibit, part of the Gallery’s season AI: Who’s looking after me?, is a collaboration between artist Sofie Layton with young adults with experience of living with cancer, and Centre for Medical Engineering researchers who are already using AI applications in medical imaging, radiotherapy and surgery. To create the artwork, the group met for a series of online and in-person workshops where they discussed their experiences of care, cancer and AI through metaphor creation and creative exercises. Two of the young adults who collaborated on the piece, Samuel Brewis and Emma Lovatt Smith, share their reflections on their involvement. Visit SGL website to read their reflections.

The exhibit is on display at Science Gallery London from June 2023 – January 2024.

Does AI Care? was created by Sofie Layton in collaboration with young adults with experience of cancer, and Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering researchers. Commissioned by Science Gallery London, it has been funded by the Wellcome/ EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering and co-ordinated by the centre’s Public Engagement Team. Thanks to Young Lives vs Cancer for their advice and wellbeing support.

A huge thank you to all the collaborators involved: Charlie Aldred, Samuel Benson, Sam Brewis, Emma Lovatt Smith, Kate Mason, Holly Masters, Bethany Moorhouse, Heather Smith , Virginia Fernandez, Alejandro Granados and Teresa Guerrero Urbano.