Improving long-term neurological outcomes of sick infants and children and developing biomarkers to stratify and optimise treatment in neuropsychiatric disease – including:

  • Can we fully understand how brain development differs in autistic spectrum and attention deficit disorders using combined genomic and imaging data?
  • Can we improve outcomes by developing new approaches/targets for intervention with neuromodulation in epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other neuro‐cognitive disorders?
  • Can we get a complete picture of physiological events surrounding neurotransmission by simultaneous PET‐MR-EEG?
  • Can we create robust prognostic markers of disease development and predictors of response to existing and novel therapies in psychiatric conditions including schizophrenia and depression?
  • Can we map the underlying symptoms of neurological and psychiatric disorders to determine aberrant circuitry in cognition, emotion and behaviour and contribute to the global effort to create patient connectomes?