We have a Public Engagement Advisory Board that meet every 4 months. The Board provides advice to the Centre on public engagement and provide new ideas for programme development. Membership and performance of the board will be reviewed annually. We also have a Public Engagement Committee who meet every 3 months, made up of staff and students from within the Centre, to lead on PE and to champion PE within their Department. We have also established Public Engagement Ambassadors who represent the student community and provides insights and advice on integrating public engagement into our research culture and practice.

The Public Engagement Manager has a mentor, Dr Kerry Leslie, who offers strategic support.

Public Engagement Advisory Board members:

  • Bernadette Cronin, Former Clinical Director, Clinical Imaging and Medical Physics, GSTT  (Chair)
  • Professor Alexander Hammers, Deputy Director, Academic Lead for PE, Centre for Medical Engineering
  • Dr Amy Sanders, Head of Development, Development Media International
  • Samantha Johnson, CEO, Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation
  • Sinead Houlihan, Head of Operations, Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation
  • Dr Katy Stubbs, Public Engagement Manager, Alzheimer’s Research UK
  • Dr Jamie Dorey, Public Engagement Manager, Science Gallery London
  • Jess Sells, Public Engagement Manager, NIHR GSTT Biomedical Research Centre
  • Dr Leah Holmes, Inclusive Engagement and Involvement Consultant

Public Engagement Committee members:

  • Professor Kawal Rhode, Department of Surgical & Interventional Engineering
  • Dr Samantha Terry, Senior Lecturer in Imaging Chemistry & Biology
  • Dr Rachel Sparks, Lecturer in Surgical & Interventional Engineering
  • Dr David Tricklebank, Wellcome Research Fellow in Neuroimaging

Public Engagement Ambassadors:

  • Faysal Farah
  • Ines Costa
  • Virginia Fernandez
  • Aidan Michaels
  • Aishwarya Mishra
  • Jonathan Jackson
  • Jyoti Mangal