Professor Sebastien Ourselin elected as new Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Prof Ourselin has gained international recognition for his engineering contributions in medical image registration, segmentation and classification.

Over two decades, he has made major advances to imaging sciences, focusing on brain diseases and the robust translation of image analysis pipelines into clinical settings. His innovations have reached the clinic and commercialisation, especially in neurodegenerative diseases, neurosurgery, image-guided surgery and surgical simulation. He has been a leading advocate for healthcare engineering in the UK and globally, leading the development of the MedTech Hub at St Thomas’ Hospital, a transformative ecosystem enabling and facilitating medtech co-creation between academia, industry and the NHS.

Highlighting how the School’s mission of Engineering Better Health is closely aligned with that of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Prof Ourselin explained:

“The School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences is advancing healthcare engineering research, teaching, and entrepreneurialism by bringing life-changing medical technologies to patients and clinicians faster.

“To do this we need to drive technical innovation and translation by building partnerships and breaking traditional disciplinary boundaries across education, R&D, hospital environments and MedTech companies and start-ups.

“This honour from the Academy of Medical Sciences not only reflects our ambition to innovate in the technical space of healthcare engineering research, but also celebrates how the translation of this cutting-edge research leads directly to life-changing diagnostics and interventional approaches for patients.”

Prof Ourselin joins 58 other influential biomedical and health scientists newly elected to the respected Fellowship. The new Fellows have been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the advancement of biomedical and health science, cutting edge research discoveries, and translating developments into benefits for patients and the wider society.

Other King’s fellows elected this year include:

  • Professor Peter Sasieni FMedSci, Director of Cancer Prevention Trials Unit, King’s College London
  • Professor Ulrike Schmidt FMedSci, Professor of Eating Disorders, King’s College London

Based in Central London, the Academy’s global mission is to help create an open and progressive research sector to improve the health of people everywhere. Its key strategic priorities include supporting researchers with funding and career development, and creating a more sustainable environment for delivering research.

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