Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Enablers


To support highly-talented early career researchers to allow them to pursue their own research schemes and obtain independent funding. 5 Fellowships awarded to date.


Tobias Wood, ‘Silent Quantitative Magnetization Transfer MR Imaging’

Colm McGinnity, ‘Quantification of brain stiffness via magnetic resonance elastography in refractory focal epilepsies’

Teresa Matias Correia, ‘Fully quantitative high-resolution free-breathing first-pass perfusion cardiac MRI for assessing myocardial ischemia’

Rui Teixeira, ‘Establishing MRI as reproducible and motion robust measurement tool’

Marta Varela, ‘Predicting the outcome of atrial fibrillation patients using CINE-MRI and convolutional neural networks’

Esther Puyol, ‘Building artificial intelligence based tools for better stratification of heart failure patients’