High-resolution quantitative first-pass perfusion cardiac MRI

Wednesday 27th January, 2021


We are delighted to welcome, Teresa Correia presenting a talk titled:

“High-resolution quantitative first-pass perfusion cardiac MRI”

Quantitative first-pass perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (FPP-CMR) is one of the methods of choice for evaluating myocardial ischemia. However, FP-CMR time frames must be acquired in real-time to capture the rapid passage of a contrast agent bolus through the heart whilst patients hold their breath, and hence, the spatial resolution and coverage of the heart is compromised. Moreover, perfusion abnormalities are often identified visually and thus, diagnostic accuracy is dependent on the level of training and experience of the operator. In this talk, Teresa will describe automatic quantitative methods that have been proposed, as part of her CME fellowship, to achieve an operator-independent assessment of myocardial perfusion without patients having to hold their breath, and to generate images with improved spatial resolution and heart coverage.

Following the talk (45mins) there will be a Q&A (15mins)