Adventures in Public Engagement

Wednesday 24th February, 2021


We are delighted to welcome, Pablo Lamata, Alice Taylor-Gee, Salomé Bazin and Samantha Johnson presenting a talk titled:

“Adventures in Public Engagement”

It’s National Heart Month so why not come along to the next CME Seminar all about engaging the public about our heart research? Learn about public engagement (PE) as an activity that, beyond the impact on society, brings value to researchers by:

  • creating sparkles, waves that resonate and lead to innovation;
  • recharging and expanding our personal motivation batteries;
  • building the insights that would otherwise take us years to recognise;
  • building the network of stakeholders that is actually needed to address healthcare challenges.

Hear about the PE adventures that academic Prof Pablo Lamata has had working with designer Salome Bazin and Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation CEO Samantha Johnson. Facilitated by our PE Manager Alice Taylor-Gee.: Public Engagement – CMIB

Following the talk (45mins) there will be a Q&A (15mins)