About the Centre for Medical Engineering

The Centre focuses on the science and engineering of medical imaging.

The UK is strong in medical imaging, with the Centre hosting the largest research group in this area in Europe.

The Centre combines fundamental research in engineering, physics, mathematics, computing, and chemistry with medicine and biomedical research. The 400 inter-disciplinary scientists in the Centre are transforming the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and will deliver exceptional research.

Our ultimate aim is to improve the care and outcomes of patients with neurological, cardiovascular and oncological conditions.

Professor Reza Razavi is the Centre Director.

The Centre is funded by Wellcome and EPSRC (Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council)

We will:

  • Provide the enabling infrastructure needed to deliver strong, grant-funded underpinning research
  • Ensure that research is focused on important clinical and biological questions
  • Facilitate the clinical and commercial translation of successful research and technological developments
  • Engage public and patients with the research of the centre and its clinical significance

The plans for the Centre for the next 5 years will cover three Clinical Challenges:

  • Improving long-term neurological outcomes of sick infants and children
  • Improving outcomes of patients with chronic cardiac conditions
  • Improving the care of patients with cancer with better stratification and improved treatment selection, as well as identifying ineffective treatments early so they can be changed